Forensic Tools

Name Source Description
Disk Tools
dcfldd SourceForge dcfldd is an enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics/security.
ImDisk Windows virtual disk driver
FTK Imager AccessData Imaging tool and viewer
Email Analysis
Mail Viewer MiTeC Viewer for Outlook Express, Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird message databases, and single messages (EML files)
File and Data Analysis
DCode Digital Detective Date conversion/calculator utility
Shadow Explorer Volume Shadow Copy browser
Windows File Analyzer MiTeC Analyzes Thumbs.db, prefetch, shortcusts, index.DAT, and the Recycle Bin
JSUNPACK A generic JavaScript Unpacker designed for security researchers and computer professionals.
HxD mh-nexus Freeware Hex Editor/Disk Editor
Notepad++ Don HO Advanced text editor
DSi USB Write-Blocker Document SOlutions, Inc Software USB write blocker
Internet History Analysis
ChromeAnalysis Analysis of Google Chrome usage data
Internet Evidence Finder Magnet Searches drives/images for Internet usage related artifacts (gmail, facebook, IE8 InPrivate/Recovery URLs, etc)
FoxAnalysis Analysis of Mozilla Firefox 3 usage data
Web Historian Mandiant Analysis of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome usage data
Network Analysis
Wireshark Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer (capture/analysis)
Registry Analysis
RegRipper Harlan Carvey Extraction and analysis of “interesting” information found within the Windows registry
USBDeview NirSoft Lists all USB devices that were connected and/or used on a computer